What is cmd.exe?

cmd.exeCommand prompt is an executable file and named as cmd.exe. It is a Microsoft Windows System based process. It is a command interpreter and maintains your computer file functions and network functions. Cmd.exe works by loading applications and sending the information between applications. By this process, the information that the user inputs into the system is translated into a form that the operating system understands. Cmd.exe has a number of built in commands. The built in commands are executed in the command shell environment. Since the commands change the execution environment, these are built into the shell.

The command shell is a program that provides direct communication between the user and the operating system. The command shell is used to create and edit scripts (batch files) for various functions like managing user accounts. These types of functions can be automated by using the command shell program. These work significantly faster than the external programs. You can customize the command prompt window according to your comfort to get an easier view of the programs. You can also increase control over how you run programs.

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Should I consider cmd.exe to be a virus file?

Cmd.exe is free from virus. It is not a harmful file and so it does not pose threat to your PC’s security or to your system performance. However, this process is considered to be CPU intensive and it can consume 100% of your CPU utilization, which may cause applications to run more slowly. It is advisable to beware of spyware and malware that come under this name so that they cannot be detected.

Can the cmd.exe process be safely stopped?

Cmd.exe is a system process. It is strongly recommended that the process not be stopped. This process is very much essential for your PC to run properly.

If you wish to stop the process anyways, follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the Start Menu and type Msconfig in the Search box. A list of system configuration tools is displayed.
  • Click on the Start Up tab and check whether cmd.exe is listed there.
  • If Cmd.exe exists in the Start Up tab, uncheck the box next to it and select apply and restart your computer.
  • Upon restart, check the box to not run the system configuration tool at the start up.

An alternative way is to open the registry editor and check for the listing. If there are two listings of cmd.exe in the startup tab, then uncheck both the boxes. The registry should be checked at the two run locations for any other inconsistencies.

Cmd.exe can also be stopped by opening the task manager and selecting the process tab. The process tab displays a list of the processes running on your computer.

  • Select the process that you want to stop from running.
  • Click end process.

All these methods help you to stop cmd.exe from running in your computer.

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What are the causes of cmd.exe errors?

The cmd.exe application error is often a result of the Windows system corruption. An affect the performance of your PC and may even pose a threat to your computer. Problems with the system process are caused by incompatible applications that are on any PC. Many possible situations trigger the system file errors. Incomplete file erasure is one of the main reasons that triggers system file. Another possibility is that your PC would have been infected with virus. All these factors can erase or corrupt some of the essential data files.

The error can also be caused by a malfunction or a corruption of the program in your computer. The error does not specify the actual problem with the system or the application. These files are needed by your computer and once damaged, they make your system vulnerable to virus and also extremely unreliable. So you can fix the error either manually or you can also try contacting your Windows Service provider for further assistance.

What is the best way to fix cmd.exe errors?

One of the main causes for the error is a corrupted registry. The registry is a ranked database, which accumulates configuration settings and other information that is needed for your computer. It provides access to for profiling performance. The database contains your emails and other stored passwords also. It also contains many of the “file path references” which allow your system to read many of the files that is needed to be run. These configuration settings and references become corrupted with time, thus damaging the registry. If there are any problems in the registry, then modify it. Care has to be taken while modifying the registry as serious problems might occur if the registry is not modified correctly. Apart from the registry modification, fixing the errors manually without prior system knowledge might lead to fatal errors. Sometimes, the system may also get crashed if any of the important entries are accidentally crashed. It is recommended to contact a computer repair professional who can modify the registry and also fix the errors or you may also contact the manufacturer or further assistance.

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If your system is damaged severely, then you can restore your system to a specific date. To fix the error, start the computer and log in as Administrator .Go to accessories and select tools. Under tools, select system restore. A new window gets opened. In the new window click restore my machine to a prior date. Choose the most recent restore point. Be careful in choosing the restore point as the system runs according to the restore point that is set. Restart your computer.
You can also reinstall some of the programs that cause these errors. You can do this by going to the selecting the Control Panel and clicking on Add/Remove Programs. You can uninstall the programs that cause these errors by selecting Uninstall. If the error disappears, then restart your computer and install a fresh copy of the program once again. This is mostly not recommended as cmd.exe is one of the essential processes needed for your computer.

If the problem persists still, scan your computer or laptop for any kind of malware, viruses, or spyware.